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Wellcome to the Lebanon !

The small Lebanon can be called the region of origin of all viniculture all over the world.
More than 7.000 years ago the people there started with the production of wine and also with the export of their product into the countries around. In the tombs of several egyptian Pharao`s wine from Lebanon has founded during excavations - also in the tomb of the famous Tut-Anch-Amun.

The Bible reports, that King David and also his son and successor King Salomon hold best relation to the lebanese Kings, not only, to get from there the wood for building, but also to recive through them wine for the temple but also for own ceremonies.

After the occupation of the region by the Muslim - it was the tradition of Christian monks to prepare wine for their ceremonies, which kept the knowledge and the art to make best wines.

Here you will find some of these best wines - available in Germany and Europe.

We wellcome you at our homepage in Germany and we hope we can serve you with our wines.

Georg Dittrich